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hair saloonSPECIAL OFFER!         20% discount to new customers on your first visit to our Hair and Beauty Salon in Heathfield. Follow the link below to get your discount voucher.

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Hair styling in Heathfield, East Sussex

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LIGsplas Cuts for Her
  Graduate Designer Designer Senior Designer Artistic Designer Director
Cut and blow dry £30.00 £33.00 £38.00 £41.00 £44.00
Re-design & blow dry £35.00 £38.00 £41.00 £46.00 £50.00
Wash and cut £21.50 £23.00 £27.00 £29.00 £32.00
Dry Cut £17.50 £19.50 £22.00 £24.00 £26.00
Blow dry £17.50 £19.50 £22.00 £23.00 £23.00
Cut shampoo and set £24.50 £26.50 £29.00 £32.00 £35.00
Shampoo and set £14.50 £17.00 £19.00 £21.00 £22.00
Our prices reflect the experience of our stylists. They are also based on shoulder length hair. Extra long and thick hair will be quoted for.
Curling on above services will be an extra £5.00 Cuts for Him
  Graduate Designer Designer Senior Designer Artistic Designer Director
Dry cut £11.00 £13.50 £15.50 £17.00 £17.50
Wet cut £13.00 £15.50 £17.00 £18.00 £19.50
Cut and blow dry £15.00 £16.50 £18.75 £20.00 £21.50
Highlights £21.00 £23.50 £26.00 £28.50 £31.00 Colour
Using PAUL MITCHELL The Color range we can achieve your individual colour needs. The following prices are a guide only, and a full quote will be given after consultation.
  Graduate Designer Designer Senior Designer Artistic Designer Director
Full Head Foil £56.00 £60.00 £66.00 £69.00 £69.00
Half Head foil £46.00 £49.00 £54.00 £56.00 £56.00
T Bar - parting & hairline £36.00 £37.00 £42.00 £44.00 £44.00
Re-growth permanent colour £30.00 £33.00 £38.00 £40.00 £40.00
Full head permanent colour £35.00 £37.00 £42.00 £43.00 £43.00
Glossing semi permanent £25.00 £27.00 £31.00 £33.00 £33.00
Scattered foils & Tint £56.00 £60.00 £66.00 £69.00 £69.00
Per foil slice   £3.00   £3.25   £3.50   £4.00   £4.00
Cap highlights £28.00 £31.00 £33.00 £43.00 £43.00
Colour correction on quotation Cuts for the little darlings
Under 5 £8.50
Girls under 10 £13.00
Girls under 15
Dry cut £18.00
Cut and blow dry From £30.00
Boys under 15
Cut £12.00 Curl
Permanent waving
Choose from Neutral Exothermic, Acidic or Alkaline to suit hair type, thioglycolic acid free, strong odour free, leaves colour and shine intact


Permanent Curl reducer Price on consultation Extensions

The method we use to fix your extensions depends on many things which we will look at with you in your free consultation. Such as the condition of your own hair and scalp, about your work and leisure activities and decide what maintenance suits you and your life style.

The best hair extensions are the ones best suited for you and your life style!

Divas provide a number of different fixing methods which include:

  • Sewn in
  • bonded
  • double hair bonded

Sewn in hair extensions
This is where we use your own hair to braid horizontally around the back of your head but missing out the hair line so the hair extensions become invisible, the weft of hair is then secured to the braid creating a strong hold so that it last around 4-6 weeks.

The whole process can take from 1hour to 3hours for a full head, together with the stylist you can choose the number of rows you require depending on how thick you would like the finish look to be.

This method is low maintenance to look after, but requires tightening every 4-6 weeks to keep them maintained.

The hair we supply can be re-used!

Price on consultation.

If you would like to supply your own hair then the cost of us applying them is £60 an hour.

Balmain hair extensions range includes 100% Human Hair and Flair Hair Fibre, a man made synthetic alternative and Balmain Double Hair an innovative volume, length and colour system that is quick, easy and offers affordable luxury. There is a full range of colours available in both natural and fantasy in three textures, straight, wavy and cury, Balmain Fill-in extensions are suitable for just about everybody.

Adds volume, texture. colour or length, the following prices are a guide only, a full consultation and quotation will be given.

Lengthening 3 hours approx
to include aftercare products for home use and removal of extensions on return visit.
Price on consultation
Thickening, texture and colour  –  for single extension
10 for the price of 9, 20 for the price of 18
Price on consultation Treatments     The power of touch
Treatments from £8.00 to £16.00
Wash House Experience £14.50
Tea Tree Experience £9.50 Special Hair
Prom & Special Hair Up
includes consultation & practice
Hair Up £40.00
For all wedding hair packages please call for details

These prices are intended as a guide only and we encourage all clients to come in for a consultation and skin test prior to any technical service.

Please note a charge will be made for appointments not kept or cancelled with insufficient notice

All prices include VAT at 20%